Sunday, 14 July 2019

Statistical preview, World Cup final, New Zealand vs England

Here is a brief statistical preview.

Recent head to head:

In the past 5 years England lead 8-5.
In the past 2 years England lead 6-3.

At Lord's the ball tends to bounce a bit more. As a result it tends to not suit England as much as their other home grounds. It is the only ground that England have a losing record at over the past few years, with 3 wins and 4 losses in their last 6 years.

It is also a ground where scores have been defended quite regularly.

The slope, large straight boundaries and the bounce combine to make a more bowler friendly ground than most in England, but grounds in this world cup have not exactly gone to type.

Adding in times where New Zealand bat first, and where England bowl first, gives the following result:

New Zealand had a clear plan to use the pressure of the situation as a weapon to help them defeat India, and the pressure from playing at home may do the same against England.

The model that I used to build my simulation has England at 69.8%, while New Zealand are at 30.2%. That feels about right too, New Zealand have a realistic chance, but England are certainly favorites.

The bookies have England at 73%, CricViz have England at 68%, New Zealand at 30% and a tie at a fairly high 2%.

The two teams are close enough that nobody can say exactly who will win, but it is a World Cup final - that's exactly how it should be.

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