This is a list of some of the posts that I either refer back to a lot, enjoyed writing or was the most proud of.

Some are statistical, some are more prosaic. I hope you enjoy them also.

The Ethics of Walking - Applying some ethical theories to what happens when there's an appeal.
Valentines Day - A tribute to Alf Valentine and Sonny Ramadhin's contribution to West Indies cricket
Right Players, Wrong Formats A look at some players who excelled at formats you wouldn't expect them to
Big Occasion Bates A look at what Michael Bates had done on the big occasions
Adding Value with the ball A look at bowling through an economics lens
Tickets please The roller-coaster of emotions that was the Hobart test.
Greatest Wicket-keeper batsman? Easily my most read post, it has accounted for about 1/4 of my hits. This compares Matt Prior and MS Dhoni with previous great wicketkeeper batsmen.
Weighted Random Number Generator For a long time this was my second most popular article, it contains cartoons.
Partnerships That Made Big Contributions A different way of looking at partnerships in ODI matches. Part 2 of a series.
Concentration or Technique An article that got me in a little bit of trouble, but has some interesting numbers.
Usman Khawaja My first formulation of activity rates, a look at how batsmen score their runs.
9 times out of 10 you should bat first? My first ever post, and one that I still think is actually quite interesting.
Player Profile: Samuel Badree A look at West Indian leg-spinner and the most miserly bowler in the world, Samuel Badree.

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