Sunday 16 June 2019

India vs Pakistan statistical preview.

Here's a couple of little charts etc for today's match up

This suggests that 250 would be a quite defendable total. The par score here is much, much lower than on most grounds in England.

The ground is actually fairly well balanced between both pace and bat and spin and bat - but still favouring both types of bowler slightly.

Old Trafford is the black spot, the grey points are other grounds around the world. Spin and pace friendliness are calculated based on the success of different types of bowlers on those grounds, taking into account runs conceded, balls bowled as wickets taken.

Adding to the ground data all the matches where India has batted first and all the matches where Pakistan has batted second, brings this graph:

This suggests that, taking into account the teams, that a more normal curve applies. If India score under 200 they're unlikely to win, 250 is the 50/50 point and 300 is more like a 75% chance of defending.

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