Friday 30 December 2011

Where batsmen flourish

This year has seen a shift in the usual trends for where people score runs in test matches.

Traditionally India and the West Indies have been the best places to bat in. While at the other end of the scale has been England, New Zealand and South Africa.

Most countries have had batting averages around 30, with Australia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe all having a historical average between 30 and 31.

Here is this year's table:

Host CountryMatchesAverageStrike Rate
Sri Lanka331.2547.22
New Zealand229.8745.62
South Africa526.6652.01
West Indies523.4142.96

India has remained near the top, with a lot of runs scored at a good rate in the 3 matches there, but England has moved from near the bottom of the list to the top. This is perhaps because neither Sri Lanka or India had particularly penetrating bowling attacks, and as a result England prospered significantly.

West Indies also swaps ends. This is in part due to no matches being played in Antigua this year, and most of the matches being played on new grounds. Providence stadium averages a full 10 runs per wicket less than the Bourda 8km up the road.

It will be interesting to see if England continue to be a good place to bat, and if the West Indies continue to be a graveyard.

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