Monday 26 December 2011

Mini-session analysis for 1st Test Aus Ind 11/12

Here is the mini-session analysis for the 1st Test.

1-1aAustralia 46/0 off 13Australia
1-1bAustralia 22/2 off 10.5India
1-2aAustralia 70/0 off 14.1Australia
1-2bAustralia 42/1 off 15Australia
1-3aAustralia 47/3 off 17India
1-3bAustralia 60/0 off 19Australia
2-1a Australia 34/2 off 13 India
2-1bAustralia 22/2 off 8India
India 6/0 off 3
2-2aIndia 51/1 off 14India
2-2bIndia 42/1 off 13India
2-3aIndia 68/0 off 18India
2-3bIndia 47/1 off 17Australia
3-1aIndia 24/3 off 14.2Australia
3-1bIndia 44/4 off 14.5Australia
3-2aAustralia 27/4 off 12.5India
3-2bAustralia 54/0 off 13.1Australia
3-3aAustralia 61/1 off 14.2Australia
3-3bAustralia 37/3 off 19.4India
4-1aAustralia 51/1 off 14Australia
4-1bAustralia 11/1 off 2.1Australia
India 24/1 off 9
4-2aIndia 44/2 off 13Australia
4-2bIndia 49/3 off 11Australia
4-3aIndia 46/3 off 14Australia
4-3bIndia 6/1 off 0.5Australia

India were neck in neck at the start of the 4th day, but Australia won every hour of the day, running out winners in the match, and ahead on points, 15-9.

The key moments in the game were the dismissal of Tendalkur at the end of day 2, and the non-dismissal of Ponting when the score was 51/4 in the 2nd innings. If that LBW had been given, India may well have won this match.

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