Friday 14 June 2013

Combinations to Decide Group A

The final round of Group A in the Champions Trophy is gearing up as a really interesting couple of games. New Zealand and England just played 2 very good ODI series, the first won 2-1 by England in New Zealand, the second won 2-1 by New Zealand in England. Australia and Sri Lanka have played each other a lot in the last 2 and a half years. They have played 18 ODI matches and both teams have won 8 each (with 2 no results).

So recent form has nothing to suggest who is likely to win. But both games are crucial.

There were 6 possible options as to which two teams went through at the start of the round. Five still remain. Here's a quick guide to what the different results would mean:

If you're looking for a calculator to test the possible outcomes, try this link.

ResultNew ZealandNo resultEngland
AustraliaNew Zealand go through first and Australia goes through as runner up.New Zealand top the pool, and then the runner up will be decided between England and Australia on Net Run Rate(NRR). Unless Australia win by about 100 runs this will be EnglandEngland go through first and then the runner up will be either New Zealand and Australia again determined by NRR. It will take something quite remarkable for Australia to get past New Zealand, but both teams are quite capable of being involved in one-sided matches, in either direction
No ResultNew Zealand go through as first, Sri Lanka go through as runners up.New Zealand go through first, England go through as runners upEngland win the pool, the runners up is decided between New Zealand and Sri Lanka on NRR. New Zealand would have to lose significantly to England for Sri Lanka to go through
Sri LankaNew Zealand go through as winners and Sri Lanka go through as runners upNew Zealand go through as winners and Sri Lanka go through as runners upSri Lanka and England go through. The winner of the group will be decided by NRR. England are likely to go through first, unless Sri Lanka have a very convincing win over Australia

Every combination except for Australia and Sri Lanka is possible. The question now is which of the 5 remaining combinations will go through.

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  1. I'll put up a Net Run Rate calculator at the start of the first match. I'll post a link to it here.