Tuesday 2 April 2013

24 IPL moneyball players, and one other

The IPL is almost here, and a lot of people will be playing the fantasy competitions.

I've been working on developing a "Moneyball" type system of analyzing cricket statistics to make sensible predictions about how well players will go at the next level. My system is not nearly finished, but I've used some of the things that I've learned to have a look at some of the players who I didn't know much about in the IPL.

As the system isn't completed yet, I can't give too much justification, other than to say here are the players:

Imtiaz AhmedCSK
Ankit RajpootCSK
Manprit JunejaDD
Kedar JadhavDD
Sidarth KaulDD
Shahbaz NadeemDD
Pawan NegiDD
Siddharth ChitnisKXIP
Debabrata DasKKR
Iqbal AbdullaKKR
Laxmi ShuklaKKR
Amitoze SinghMI
Yuzvendra ChahalMI
Sushant MaratheMI
Stuart BinnyRR
Ajit ChandilaRR
Mayank AgarawalRCB
Arun KarthikRCB
Karun NairRCB
Vijay ZolRCB
Anand RajanSH
Sachin RanaSH
Eklavya DwivediPWI
Ali MurtazaPWI

There is one other player that I would add into the list as players who I think might succeed, and that's Harmeet Singh from Rajastan Royals. I add him in, because I saw him play, and thought he was phenomenal, despite his numbers not being particularly impressive.

A number of these players my never play a game, but those that do are probably going to be worth watching. They have all shown (to me) that they are likely to be able to step up and succeed at the next level.

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