Friday 22 February 2013

Mini-session Analysis 3rd test South Africa vs Pakistan, Centurion, 2012/13

Here is the final mini-session analysis for the third test between South Africa and Pakistan at SuperSport Park, Centurion, South Africa

A mini-session is (normally) half a session, either between the start of the session and the drinks break or the drinks break and the end of the session. Occasionally a long session will have 3 mini-sessions where it will be broken up with 2 drinks breaks.

1-1aSouth Africa 42/2 off 12Pakistan
1-1bSouth Africa 62/0 off 13South Africa
1-2aSouth Africa 54/1 off 15South Africa
1-2bSouth Africa 43/2 off 11Pakistan
1-3aSouth Africa 86/1 off 23South Africa
1-3bSouth Africa 47/0 off 11South Africa
2-1aSouth Africa 59/1 off 13South Africa
2-1bSouth Africa 16/3 off 5.2Pakistan
Pakistan 9/0 off 5
2-2aPakistan 47/2 off 13South Africa
2-2bPakistan 35/2 off 11South Africa
2-3aPakistan 41/1 off 10Pakistan
2-3bPakistan 24/5 off 7.4South Africa
Following on 14/1 off 9
3-1aPakistan 42/1 off 14draw
3-1bPakistan 31/0 off 14draw
3-2aPakistan 27/4 off 49South Africa
3-2bPakistan 62/0 off 13Pakistan
3-3aPakistan 59/4 off 16South Africa

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South Africa win the match by an innings, and the mini-session count 10 - 5

First drinks, Day 1: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 1-0

A great start for Pakistan. They have managed to remove both of South Africa's openers, and while they have gone for a few runs, they will certainly be happy with this start. - Mykuhl

Lunch, Day 1: The mini-session count is tied up, 1-1

The ability of Faf du Plessis to take balls from outside the off stump through the leg-side makes it very difficult to bowl to him. The Pakistani bowlers have probably bowled too wide of off-stump as a result. Part of that, though, was that they were forced to, because Amla and du Plessis have batted so well. - Mykuhl

Stumps, Day 1: South Africa lead the mini-session count 4-2

While Pakistan have competed well, South Africa have had a good day, and have pulled ahead in the match. They really are quite a team. - Mykuhl

Lunch, Day 2: South Africa lead the mini-session count 5-3

Pakistan have done well to pull this back. At 324/6 overnight there was a chance of South Africa going on to a massive score, but they have manage to keep them to 409. South Africa are still in a very good position, but Pakistan have a chance now. - Mykuhl

Stumps, Day 2: South Africa lead the mini-session count 8-4

Kyle Abbott has managed to ensure that Phlander won't equal George Lohmann's record for the fastest to 100 wickets. He became the third South African to take a five for on debut in the last 16 months.

Pakistan, however, look like they have no idea what they are supposed to do. South Africa are just too good. Even when Pakistan have had good sessions South Africa have still competed, but when South Africa have got on a roll, they really dominate. - Mykuhl

First drinks, Day 3: South Africa lead the mini-session count 8-4

Pakistan have very little chance of saving this game, and yet they are batting well. It's not easy to bat when there is very little hope of a positive outcome. The one hope that they have is perhaps that if they score 350, they may be able to run through South Africa with their spinners for a famous victory on the final day. - Mykuhl

Tea, Day 3: South Africa lead the mini-session count 9-5

The question is no longer "will South Africa win this match?" It is now "How much will South Africa win by?" However the attitude of Sarfraz Ahmed and Saeed Ajmal is one to be admired. Cricket often reveals something of a players character, and theirs is to be admired. - Mykuhl

End of match, Day 3: South Africa win the match by an innings and the mini-session count 10-5

South Africa have wrapped up another match. In their last 15 matches, South Africa have 10 wins and 5 draws, with 4 innings victories. In the second innings Pakistan put up a reasonable fight, but South Africa took two bursts of wickets, 4 from overs 38 to 49 and then 3 from overs 64 to 70. It's their ability to tae wickets in bursts that has made them the best team in the world.

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