Tuesday 23 October 2012

Net Run Rate calculator Group A

Today there are 2 potentially interesting matches in the Champions League.

There are 3 basic outcomes possible from these matches (as well as a couple of unusual ones)

Option 1 - Auckland lose

Regardless of what happens in the second match if Auckland lose, both the Titans and the Daredevils are through to the semi-finals.

Option 2 - Auckland and Delhi win

If this happens then Auckland and Delhi are both through to the semi-finals.

Option 3 - Auckland and Titans win

It this happens then the Titans are through, and the team with the best net run rate out of Auckland and Delhi go through.

Additional options - rain stops play
If the first game is rained out, then Delhi are automatically through to the semi-final. Then if Delhi beat the Titans by a significant enough margin to cause the Titans' NRR to drop below Auckland's, Auckland would go through, otherwise the Titans would. Given that the Titans would know the formula, they would be likely to go for the lower target to ensure qualification.

If Auckland win the first game and the second is rained out, then again it would come down to NRR between the Aces and the Titans.

For any of those situations you can use this Net Run Rate calculator here:

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