Sunday 27 May 2012

Comparing Sammy with others

On Twitter I got asked to provide a comparison of Sammy to other prominent captains.

He is more defensive of boundaries than any of the captains that I looked at.

CaptainBoundary runsRun runsExtra boundary runs (%)
v Vettori13911421.9
v Fleming13411219.6
v Cronje1169719.6
v G Smith14211919.3
v Inzamam14612516.8
v S Waugh13011513
v Vaughan14112512.8
v Ganguly13211910.9
v Strauss1351248.9
v Ponting1321264.8
v A Flower1061041.9
v Clarke124125-0.8
v Jayawardene124131-5.3
v M Crowe117125-6.4
v MS Dhoni125142-12
v Hooper105121-13.2
v Saleem Malik117137-14.6
v Sangakkara128152-15.8
v Sammy113145-22.1

I think if Sammy wants to achieve the success that his supporters demand, he needs to make some changes to how he sets a field. To do this is not going to be easy, as it involves actually changing how he thinks about the game.

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