Sunday 5 February 2012

The series of big partnerships

About this time last year, I described a way of analysing partnerships in ODI matches.

I started a new table for this year, and noticed how many big partnerships there were in the Sri Lanka - South Africa series. There were 8 that came out with an adjusted score of 100 or more in 5 games. Compare this to last years series where there was a big partnership in about 2/3 of the matches.

Here is the table of the big contributions:

Batsmen NamesRunsStartEndDLAS
AB de Villiers, GC Smith18670/2, 17.1256/3, 45.1194
JH Kallis, HM Amla1449/1, 2.4153/2, 28.3182
WU Tharanga, TM Dilshan94-94/1, 18.3133
AN Peterson, GC Smith84-84/1, 13.1115
GC Smith, HM Amla76-76/1, 16.3107
AB de Villiers, GC Smith8784/1, 13.1171/2, 23.5101
WU Tharanga, LD Chandimal8421/2, 9.6105/3, 28.3101
KC Sangakkara, TM Dilshan8317/1, 3.1100/2, 16.2100

DLAS is Duckworth-Lewis Adjusted Score

It is clear that the batsmen certainly enjoyed themselves in this series. It will be interesting now to see if the New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Australian or Indian batsmen will enjoy the same success.

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