Monday 3 June 2019

Preview - Match 6 - England vs Pakistan - Trent Bridge

England and Pakistan return to the scene of a recent run-fest, but this time there is more on the line.

To say that Trent Bridge tends to be batting friendly is like saying that Elton John tends to play the piano. However, the pitches so far have not exactly been typical of the grounds, and this may prove to be another incident of that.

England start as heavy favourites - Bet365 have them at 82%, Google gives them a 79% chance of winning, and my model gives them 84%. But the favourites don't always win ODI matches.

Here's the historical first innings score chart:

Pakistan have a reputation as an unpredictable team, but the reality is that they are one of the more predictable sides. They very rarely beat teams that are better than them, and very rarely lose to teams that they are better than. England should win this one reasonably comfortably.

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