Sunday 24 March 2013

Mini-session analysis 2nd test, WI Zim, Rosseau, 2013

Here is the mini-session analysis for the first test between West Indies and Zimbabwe at Windsor Park, Roseau, Dominica

A mini-session is (normally) half a session, either between the start of the session and the drinks break or the drinks break and the end of the session. Occasionally a long session will have 3 mini-sessions where it will be broken up with 2 drinks breaks.

1-1aZimbabwe 43/2 off 10.3West Indies
1-1bZimbabwe 50/1 off 16.3draw
1-2aZimbabwe 27/1 off 13West Indies
1-2bZimbabwe 38/3 off 16West Indies
1-3aZimbabwe 17/3 off 4.5Zimbabwe
West Indies 57/2 off 14
1-3bWest Indies 57/0 off 13West Indies
2-1aWest Indies 33/1 off 14Zimbabwe
2-1bWest Indies 54/1 off 17draw
2-2aWest Indies 52/0 off 16West Indies
2-2bWest Indies 42/0 off 16West Indies
2-3aWest Indies 54/0 off 13West Indies
2-3bWest Indies 32/4 off 14Zimbabwe
3-1aZimbabwe 45/1 off 12Zimbabwe
3-1bZimbabwe 32/3 off 14West Indies
3-2aZimbabwe 59/3 off 14.5West Indies
3-2bZimbabwe 5/3 off 1.3West Indies

Final update, click here
West Indies win the mini-session count 10 - 4

Summary West Indies win the match by an innings and 41 runs, and the mini-session count 10-4

I was mocked by a number of people for putting Shane Shillingford into my world test XI at the end of last year. He has again shown why I rate him highly. He takes wickets. Quite a lot of wickets. A few years ago West Indies vs Zimbabwe was quite a close contest. This series shows both how far West Indies have come under Sammy and how far Zimbabwe have fallen in the last 12 years.

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