Tuesday 3 April 2012

Mini-session analysis for 2nd Test SL Eng Colombo 2012

Here is the final mini-session analysis for the 2nd test between Sri Lanka and England in Colombo.

A mini-session is (normally) half a session, either between the start of the session and the drinks break or the drinks break and the end of the session. Occasionally a long session will have 3 mini-sessions where it will be broken up with 2 drinks breaks.

1-1aSri Lanka 48/3 off 12England
1-1bSri Lanka 34/0 off 15Sri Lanka
1-2aSri Lanka 29/0 off 14.1Sri Lanka
1-2bSri Lanka 44/1 off 13.5Sri Lanka
1-3aSri Lanka 46/0 off 16Sri Lanka
1-3bSri Lanka 37/2 off 19England
2-1aSri Lanka 23/2 off 13.2England
2-1bSri Lanka 14/2 off 7.5England
England 11/0 off 4
2-2aEngland 38/0 off 16England
2-2bEngland 34/0 off 16England
2-3aEngland 39/0 off 14England
2-3bEngland 32/1 off 16draw
3-1aEngland 39/0 off 15England
3-1bEngland 46/1 off 12England
3-2aEngland 77/1 off 17England
3-2bEngland 36/1 off 11England
3-3aEngland 59/2 off 13.5England
3-3bEngland 49/4 off 18.4Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka 4/0 off 1
4-1aSri Lanka 45/1 off 13Sri Lanka
4-1bSri Lanka 35/1 off 13England
4-2aSri Lanka 27/1 off 14England
4-2bSri Lanka 28/1 off 15England
4-3aSri Lanka 41/0 off 16Sri Lanka
4-3bSri Lanka 38/2 off 19England
5-1aSri Lanka 29/2 off 14England
5-1bSri Lanka 31/2 off 13.5England
5-2aEngland 76/2 off 18England
5-2bEngland 21/0 off 1.4England

England win the count 20-7. I changed 2-3b to a draw after chatting on twitter with Bandon Decker

Final wrap-up England win the test deservedly. They dominated the majority of the match and only Jayawardene stood between them and an innings victory.

First drinks break day 5: England have played Sri Lanka out of the match this morning. Swann has bowled a menacing spell, and has really made up for his poor showing in UAE.

I can't remember a test match being won by more than 8 mini-sessions, so Sri Lanka are on the verge of one of the most convincing losses of the year.

End of day 4: With 2 overs to go, that mini-session was looking like a draw. 2 quick wickets and it's a clear advantage to England. However despite the loss of 6 wickets, due to the use of 2 night watchmen, Sri Lanka still have some batting left. Prasana Jayawardene is coming in at number 9; possibly the best number 9 since this match.

If Sri Lanka can put together another 120 runs, they might leave England a chase of about 150 at about 5 an over. That is a mouthwatering prospect.

Post-tea drinks day 4: Jayawardene really flicked the switch there. From 27 off 88 he scored at roughly 75, attacking sensibly. If he stays there and keeps batting like that, Sri Lanka actually have a chance of winning. Both of these are big "ifs" with the new ball almost due.

Tea day 4: England have the foot on the throat now. These two are still capable of saving the match, but that is what Sri Lanka are looking for now, the idea of the win is likely to be out the window. I feel that anytime a team starts looking for a draw before tea on day 4 they are going to lose.

Lunch day 4: This match is actually quite intriguing. It's got that old school feel. What a pity there isn't a third test.

End of day 3: England are well in the lead now. The Sri Lankan bowling was toothless, Herath picked up his third consecutive 6 wicket bag, but it took 31 overs before he got his first one. He completed his 6 by doing some rabbit hunting when the English were trying to increase the scoring rate, but it was hardly incisive bowling.

Sri Lanka still have a chance to win this game. The pitch is breaking up, Sri Lankan batsmen are likely to be better at batting in these conditions than the English, but they are so far behind that it will really take a big day from them.

End of day 2: This test match is like a throw back to the 70's. Scoring at 2.3 an over, openers doggedly refusing to get out, a sub-continental team using their quick bowlers simply to take the shine off the ball. It is all so unusual. There is even the possibility of the match finishing in a draw now. It is all just so unfamiliar.

Lunch day 2: This game is all set up now. It will be interesting to see how England's batsmen cope with the Sri Lankan spinners. The pitch seems to be doing some crazy things occasionally already. Will England be able to cope with it? If they can, then it will be a hard slog for Sri Lanka to win the game.

End of day 1: This test has not advanced as much as we are used to tests advancing recently. Both teams have been patient, and this could be a really interesting match.


  1. It has been a great series so far, Mahela has really stood up and made his skill count too. Do you have a view on the Panesar/Swann debate? I am personally of the opinion the Patel should not be playing, Prior should bat 6 and England play the bowling attack of Swann, Panesar, Anderson, Bresnen and Finn (injury prevents Broad from playing) It seems odd that a good bowler in good form such as Panesar should miss out partly because he is rubbish with the bat and in the field, especially given Sri Lankan conditions favour spin.

  2. All those sessions that Sri Lanka have won is on the back of Jayawardna alone. England are ahead but hoping that won't be the case for long...