Friday 3 February 2012

Preview - 3rd Test Pak Eng Dubai 11/12

The third test. A dead rubber, but one with a lot to play for.

Pakistan have the chance to really stamp their authority on England. They are starting to look like they are a team that is capable of reaching the top of world cricket.

England however got in a winning position in the last game, and then dropped it badly. Now they get their chance to get something out of this tour. If England lose this, then They create an opening for South Africa to take over the number 1 spot in the world rankings.

Individual players are also under some pressure. Younis Khan, Andrew Strauss, Eion Morgan, Keven Pietersen and Ian Bell have all yet to make a mark with the bat, and Graeme Swann has mostly been ineffective with the ball.

The pitch sounds interesting, apparently it has a good covering of grass, and so it could provide some early assistance for the English seamers. Ironically the bowler who might be the most important cog in the wheel in this match is Jonathan Trott. His seam-up's may prove to be vital for England.

Betting tips:

Normally my advice is "don't bet on matches involving Pakistan, they are too unpredictable." That advice still holds.

However if you really wanted to put your money somewhere, try Taufeeq Umar under 38.5 at $1.57. He is in average form, there's some grass on the wicket, and Broad and Anderson are great bowlers.

Also England to have a 1st innings lead at $1.90 is not a bad look, given that the best batting conditions are likely to be on days 2 and 3.


  1. It's a small point, but England actually need to win to secure the number one spot. A draw and a 3-0 win for South Africa will see the Saffers go in front by a tiny margin. (0.02 points, I think.)

    I'm not surprised England didn't play a fifth bowler, but I really wish we'd gone with Finn/Onions for Morgan, he has not proven himself at this level, and we're basically playing with ten men.

    1. ou are correct, I meant to say that England needed to win it. I had forgotten about a draw, as it seems that draws are almost extinct nowdays.

      The option of Finn/Onions is looking particularly appealing now.