Wednesday 1 November 2023

NZ vs SA match preview

Within a few days of the All Blacks, playing mostly without their captain Cane, losing the rugby world cup final to the Springbox, the two country's cricket equivalents face off in a different world cup, but one where New Zealand are also going to have to pay without captain Kane.

In the 9 matches leading up to the rugby final, South Africa had lost only 2, once to New Zealand and once to the 2nd favourite European side in the tournament. In the 9 matches leading up to tonight's match, South Africa have lost only 2 matches, one to New Zealand and one to the second favourite European team. 

But the similarities end there. There are some contrasts. In rugby, New Zealand are a team that are dramatic to watch. Big plays and plenty of highlights. South Africa, however, are the masters of shutting down their opponents and pressuring them into making mistakes. In cricket the opposite is true. South Africa are the box office side, while New Zealand pressure their opposition into making mistakes. 

New Zealand went into the rugby world cup final $1.72 favourites (ie the bookies gave them a 55% chance of winning). South Africa go into this match as $1.72 favourites. 

As the tournament gets closer to the business end, the matches are starting to get closer. The Rugby final was decided by 1 point. Will the cricket match give us an equality tense finish?

New Zealand have won the toss and opted to bowl, bringing in Tim Southee. South Africa have also brought back their most experienced bowler with Rabada coming in for Shamsi.

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