Tuesday 28 July 2020

T20i batsmen charts updated 2017-2020

A while ago I put together some charts of batsmen's scoring rates and how they scored their runs in various formats.

I thought that it would be time to look at those again.

The two rates that I mention are as follows: scoring rate is the proportion of balls scored off and boundary rate is the proportion of balls hit for a 4 or 6.

In previous graphs I used activity rate (which gave a bonus for players who ran twos and threes more often). I decided against that this time, as most other analysts tend to use scoring rate, and I'm seeing some value in consistency.

I've also coloured by the balls per dismissal.

I've started with the overall results.

The issue with this is that there's different times in the innings call for different levels of risk.

So I've also broken it down based on the time. I had to put very low limits on the balls faced at the death to have enough batsmen to actually put together a chart, so there's considerable room for sampling error in the proportions with some of the samples as low as 78 balls.