Sunday 16 January 2011

Vettori's Innings

At the close of play yesterday, I had a quick look at Vettori's score. He had 38 off 59 with 4 4's. This gave him a strike rate of 64 and an activity rating of 0.4. I looked at his last 65 innings (roughly since he started batting well) and looked at every time he had made it to 20 deliveries, what his activity rating was.

Activity ratingAverage
Less than 0.224.83
More than 0.255.54
0.4 or higher65

His incredible rate of hitting runs continued even when he had Martin and Arnel at the other end, with his final total of 110 coming from 166 balls, and containing 10 4's and 1 6. This gave him an activity rating of 0.413.

He has generally scored his runs quite quickly, but his ability to turn over the strike, and score runs by running has increased dramatically throughout his career.

RangeActivity rating

This puts him near the top of all batsmen since 2008:

NameActivity rating
TM Dilshan0.451
MJ Prior0.389
V Sehwag0.388
DL Vettori0.342
RT Ponting0.329
GC Smith0.323
KC Sangakkara0.317
Mahela Jayawardene0.316
Harbhajan Singh0.314
AB de Villiers0.311

A surprising thing about this is how high Harbhajan Singh is. He always struck me as a batsman that scored most of his runs in boundaries, but it appears that he is more competent at hitting runs than I gave him credit for.

So far the Pakistani batsman have not found it so easy to find runs in the field, Azhar Ali has an activity rating so far of 0.2 and Taufeeq Umar has the McIntoshesque rating of 0.168.

It will be interesting to see if they can improve this as the innings progresses.

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  1. Just to explain, in case you missed it in my earlier posts, Activity rate is the runs per non-boundary ball.