Friday 11 October 2013


I'm sure that there will be tributes to Sachin Tendulkar all over the web at the moment. I wanted to do something uniquely CricketGeeky. So I've put together an interactive calculator. You enter in the 4 next scores and say if they are out or not out and then it will tell you where he will end up on the all time average leader board. The one joker in the pack is that Che Pujara is currently ahead of him, so if he has a terrible series, he might push Tendulkar up one.

I've excluded the supertest because, well, it was a bit rubbish and should never have been given test status.

I've done my best to lock it down, but it is a shared file, so if you find a way round the security, please don't vandalise it. Let everyone else play too.


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