Monday 14 October 2013

Mini-session Analysis, First test, Pakistan vs South Africa, Abu Dhabi, 2013

Here is the final mini-session analysis for the first test between Pakistan and South Africa at Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

A mini-session is (normally) half a session, either between the start of the session and the drinks break or the drinks break and the end of the session. Occasionally a long session will have 3 mini-sessions where it will be broken up with 2 drinks breaks.

1-1aSouth Africa 40/2 off 13Pakistan
1-1bSouth Africa 26/1 off 13Pakistan
1-2aSouth Africa 40/1 off 16Pakistan
1-2bSouth Africa 46/0 off 13South Africa
1-3aSouth Africa 47/1 off 15draw
1-3bSouth Africa 46/3 off 20Pakistan
2-1aSouth Africa 4/2 off 3.1Pakistan
Pakistan 43/0 off 10
2-1bPakistan 34/0 off 12Pakistan
2-2aPakistan 35/0 off 14Pakistan
2-2bPakistan 43/1 off 15South Africa
2-3aPakistan 47/2 off 17South Africa
2-3bPakistan 61/0 off 16Pakistan
3-1aPakistan 39/1 off 14South Africa
3-1bPakistan 50/0 off 14Pakistan
3-2aPakistan 33/1 off 13South Africa
3-2bPakistan 44/3 off 10.2South Africa
3-3aPakistan 19/2 off 3.2Pakistan
South Africa 48/1 off 14
3-3bSouth Africa 24/3 off 12Pakistan
4-1aSouth Africa 34/1 off 14Pakistan
4-1bSouth Africa 24/1 off 15Pakistan
4-2aSouth Africa 58/1 off 15South Africa
4-2bSouth Africa 44/3 off 12.4Pakistan
4-3aPakistan 45/3 off 13.5South Africa

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Pakistan win the match by 7 wickets and the mini-session count 14.5 - 8.5

First drinks, Day 1: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 1-0

Mohammed Irfan is a real weapon. His extra bounce means he takes wickets that other bowlers wouldn't. I like Alviro Petersen, but Irfan gave him no chance there. Advantage Pakistan. - Mykuhl

Lunch, Day 1: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 2-0

Junaid had created a lot of pressure, and he was finally rewarded with a wicket. Pakistan well on top now. - Mykuhl

Middle drinks, Day 1: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 3-0

Controversy! AB de Villiers is run out without attempting a run. It is a legal run out, but is it within the spirit of the game? I am honestly not sure what I think of the situation. Either way that wicket gave Pakistan the hour, despite a quality counter attack by Hashim Amla. - Mykuhl

Tea, Day 1: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 3-1

The shine has come off the ball, and the conditions now look very good for batting. This might be a test where the state of the ball has a big bearing on who holds the power, the batsmen or the bowlers. If so, this could be a fascinating match and potentially series. - Mykuhl

Final drinks, Day 1: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 3.5-1.5

South Africa were cruising before what seems to be a plan to get Duminy out came off. As a spin bowler I can appreciate the art in getting a batsman caught behind square on the leg side off a top edge. It's a fantastic feeling when a plan like that comes off. - Mykuhl

Stumps, Day 1: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 4.5-1.5

A good day for Pakistan. After winning the toss and choosing to bat, South Africa would have not been hoping for 245/8. The only thing that soured the day for Pakistan was the loss of Mohammed Irfan to injury. - Mykuhl

First drinks, Day 2: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 5.5-1.5

A perfect start for Pakistan. They cleaned up the South African innings quickly then got through the first 10 overs without loss, and scoring quite quickly. - Mykuhl

Stumps, Day 2: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 8.5-3.5

Another dominant day for Pakistan. They are well in the lead now. However experience tells us that South Africa are the sort of team that are good at turning around difficult situations. It also tells us that Pakistan are capable of imploding at any point, and there's no such thing as a safe lead when we are talking about Pakistan. There's still plenty of time left for a few twists and turns in this game. - Mykuhl

End of match, Day 4: Pakistan win the match by 7 wickets and the mini-session count 14.5-8.5

Pakistan won the test convincingly. They won every day except day 3 that was shared. Touring Pakistan was always one of the hardest prospects in cricket. They are turning UAE into a similar fortress. South Africa will have to play very well to square the series.

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