Tuesday 10 July 2012

Mini-session Analysis 3rd test SL Pak Pallekele

Here is the final mini-session analysis for the third test between Sri Lanka and Pakistan at Pallekele International Stadium, Pallekele, Sri Lanka.

A mini-session is (normally) half a session, either between the start of the session and the drinks break or the drinks break and the end of the session. Occasionally a long session will have 3 mini-sessions where it will be broken up with 2 drinks breaks.

1-1aPakistan 50/3 off 13Sri Lanka
1-1bPakistan 31/1 off 17Sri Lanka
1-2aPakistan 38/0 off 14Pakistan
1-2bPakistan 53/1 off 11Pakistan
1-3aPakistan 45/4 off 13.4Sri Lanka
1-3bPakistan 9/1 off 4.1Pakistan
Sri Lanka 44/3 off 14.4
3-1aSri Lanka 47/0 off 15.2Sri Lanka
3-1bSri Lanka 51/0 off 14Sri Lanka
3-2aSri Lanka 39/0 off 15Sri Lanka
3-2bSri Lanka 39/3 off 16Pakistan
3-3aSri Lanka 72/1 off 15Sri Lanka
3-3bSri Lanka 45/3 off 10.2Sri Lanka
Pakistan 27/1 off 6
4-1aPakistan 51/0 off 18Pakistan
4-1bPakistan 41/1 off 14draw
4-2aPakistan 39/1 off 14.3Sri Lanka
4-2bPakistan 52/1 off 17.3draw
4-3aPakistan 44/0 off 16Pakistan
4-3bPakistan 45/4 off 18Sri Lanka
5-1aPakistan 44/0 off 18Pakistan
5-1bPakistan 37/0 off 6.4Pakistan
Sri Lanka 27/0 off 5
5-2aSri Lanka 62/1 off 19Sri Lanka
5-2bSri Lanka 43/1 off 13.2Sri Lanka
5-3aSri Lanka 46/2 off 17.5Pakistan
5-3bSri Lanka 17/0 off 6.5draw

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Stumps, Day 2: The mini-session count is level at 3-3.

At the end of day 2 the test is evenly balanced. Sri Lanka did well to bowl Pakistan out cheaply, but then lost two of their 3 remaining big guns (Dilshan is at home looking after a sick child) before stumps to be left in a spot of bother. As usual, the first session tomorrow could be vital. If Sri Lanka score 100 and don't lose any wickets then it will be quite difficult for Pakistan to win the match. However if Pakistan take a couple of quick wickets, then the game (and series) is well and truly alive.

Test cricket is as much about the anticipation as it is about the action, and this match has plenty of anticipation. Hopefully the weather doesn't interfere anymore (although reports from Kandy suggest that there is likely to be more rain.)

Stumps, Day 3: Sri Lanka lead the mini-session count 8-4.

One big partnership has put Sri Lanka well in the lead in this match. But one big partnership could easily swing it back to Pakistan.

Paranavitana and Samaraweera put on 143, which is more than Sri Lanka lead by after the first innings.

Pakistan will have to play some very good cricket to win this match, but if the pitch starts to turn or get a bit up and down, they have two very good exponents in that type of bowling, Saeed Ajmal and Junaid Khan.

Junaid Khan in particular has been impressive on this tour. If the batsmen get him something to bowl at, he could have the skills to take Pakistan home here. But at the same time it is difficult to see Sangakkara missing out twice. We could be set for a fantastic last day, with Sri Lanka chasing a small total on a wearing pitch.

Post lunch drinks, Day 4: Sri Lanka lead the mini-session count 9-5.

Mohammed Hafeez and Azhar Ali put on the partnership that removed the lead, but then a couple of wickets have kept Sri Lanka in the lead in the match. This is still looking like it could potentially be an epic match between 2 of the 4 best teams in world cricket at the moment. (Sorry Indian and Australian fans, but your teams have not been playing at this level for the last 12 months.)

Tea, Day 4: Sri Lanka lead the mini-session count 9-6.

The formula actually called that last hour a draw, Pakistan would have needed an extra 5 runs to have won it clearly. However, I feel that Pakistan actually slightly edged the hour, and are in a slightly better place in the match than they were at drinks.

It's a very good innings from Azhar Ali. Both he and Mohammed Hafeez have had a good series. If he goes on to hit a score in excess of 150 here, he might put Pakistan into a position where they start to become favourites to win this match.

Stumps, Day 4: Sri Lanka lead the mini-session count 10-7.

This is why test match cricket is without peer amongst sports. There are so many options as to what could happen tomorrow. Sri Lanka are favourites, but not by much. One good spell by Junaid or Saeed Ajmal and the whole game could turn round.

End of match: Sri Lanka win the mini-session count 12-10.

Match 2 looked like it was going to be a boring draw right up until the final day, when it had a great finish. This match looked like it was going to have a great finish up until the final session when it petered out into a draw.

There ends what has been a good series between two good sides. Sangakkara has really had quite a series, but this is what we expect. Since 2004 he has averaged over 70 in test matches at home. Scoring lots of runs in Sri Lanka is what he does.

Sri Lanka probably deserved to win the series, but without the rain it would have been a much better spectacle, and would have probably ended 2-1 rather than 1-0. The overall mini-session count for the series is 38-30 to Sri Lanka. We lost just under 20% of this series to rain. I'd personally like to see a reserve day set up for test cricket, where if 3 sessions are lost then the reserve day is opened up. (Losing less than this is just cricket, and we shouldn't tamper with a good thing too much)

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