Tuesday 10 July 2012

Cricket Geek is now on Facebook.

Yes that's right. You can now join the community and chat geeky cricket things on the ubiquitous social network.

You can find (and then like) the page here.

Here's the advantages:

1. Your Facebook timeline probably moves slower than your twitter feed (if you're anything like me), so you are less likely to miss the latest riveting installment.

2. I'll post cricket related pictures on the facebook wall, some of which might interest you.

3. You can discuss things without having to log in to post a comment on the blog.

4. You can interact with the other extremely intelligent cricket followers who also like the site. (And the unintelligent ones also.)

5. You can know that you are part of the elite level of cricket tragics, who not only reads one of the geekiest cricket sites out there, but actually likes it.

6. You can make me feel good about myself. :)

In summary. Click here then click on like. Whatever you do don't click here.

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