Wednesday 26 June 2019

World Cup simulation update - 26 June

Are the wheels falling off?

England have now got a 4 win, 3 loss record, and, with 2 difficult matches coming up, have a genuine chance of not going through to the semi-finals. They are still not relying on other results, but they're getting close to the point where they are.

There's been a significant change, with Australia going up, and England going down. England are now expected to get to 10 points. That might still be enough. But it also might not be.
England's ranking has now dropped well below India's, to the point where the expected probability of England winning against India has dropped by almost 10%. They're still ahead due to home advantage, but the difference is decreasing.
There's about a 15% chance that a tie-breaker (total wins or net run rate) will be required. This may count out Sri Lanka, who have had two rain affected matches, and so will probably be on fewer wins than anyone else with the same number of points.

We see a huge drop in the semi-final probability of England, and a resultant increase in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Australia have qualified now, and there are fewer options now for New Zealand to be knocked out also (only 35 out of 50000 trials saw New Zealand miss the semi-finals.)

The decrease in England, and increase in probability of lower ranked teams making the semi-finals has meant that there are a lot more semi-final combinations with more than a 0.5% chance of happening. West Indies vs New Zealand was an epic match in the pool play, and that's now a reasonable possibility for a semi-final. The ICC and Star Sports will be licking their lips at the prospect of the 8th most likely outcome - an India Pakistan semi-final would be absolute ratings gold.
This is the first time that England has dipped below India on the winning probability graph, but it's hard to win the final if you don't get out of the group stage.

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