Sunday 9 November 2014

Mini-session Analysis, 1st test Pakistan vs New Zealand, Abu Dhabi

Here is the final mini-session analysis for the first test between Pakistan and New Zealand at Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi, UAE

A mini-session is (normally) half a session, either between the start of the session and the drinks break or the drinks break and the end of the session. Occasionally a long session will have 3 mini-sessions where it will be broken up with 2 drinks breaks.

1-1aPakistan 37/0 off 17Pakistan
1-1bPakistan 48/0 off 14Pakistan
1-2aPakistan 50/0 off 14Pakistan
1-2bPakistan 59/1 off 15Pakistan
1-3aPakistan 43/0 off 16Pakistan
1-3bPakistan 32/0 off 14Pakistan
2-1aPakistan 47/0 off 15Pakistan
2-1bPakistan 31/1 off 11draw
2-2aPakistan 57/1 off 17New Zealand
2-2bPakistan 67/0 off 16Pakistan
2-3aPakistan 73/0 off 16Pakistan
2-3bPakistan 22/0 off 5.5Pakistan
New Zealand 15/0 off 7
3-1aNew Zealand 32/2 off 13Pakistan
3-1bNew Zealand 34/1 off 14Pakistan
3-2aNew Zealand 60/1 off 15draw
3-2bNew Zealand 45/1 off 15draw
3-3aNew Zealand 43/3 off 13Pakistan
3-3bNew Zealand 33/2 off 10.3draw
Pakistan 15/0 off 6
4-1aPakistan 54/1 off 12.4Pakistan
4-1bPakistan 58/0 off 14.2Pakistan
4-2aPakistan 48/1 off 6Pakistan
4-2bNew Zealand 47/0 off 9New Zealand
4-2cNew Zealand 22/3 off 7.4Pakistan
4-3aNew Zealand 52/4 off 17.3Pakistan
4-3bNew Zealand 53/1 off 19.5New Zealand
5-1aNew Zealand 57/1 off 16New Zealand
5-1bNew Zealand 0/1 off 0.3n/a

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Pakistan win the match by 248 runs and the mini-session count 20 - 6

First drinks, Day 1: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 1-0

Pakistan saw off the new ball, but the New Zealand spinners have managed to keep the scoring rate in check. There were no real chances created, but the swing bowlers did get the ball moving early on. Good batting from Mohammad Hafeez and Ahmed Shezad. - Mykuhl

Lunch, Day 1: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 2-0

After a fairly uneventful first hour, this was the opposite. There were boundaries, a missed stumping, a couple of balls bounce just short of a fielder. Pakistan clearly won the hour, but it could have definitely gone the other way. - Mykuhl

Middle drinks, Day 1: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 3-0

A couple of deliveries caused some consternation. But only two or three balls out of 84. This is now only the 11th century opening partnership for Pakistan in the last 10 years. And it's a product of some very good batting. A third hour that's been won by Pakistan. - Mykuhl

Stumps, Day 1: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 6-0

A dominant day for Pakistan. They have batted very well. New Zealand bowled tightly, but only created a couple of chances. - Mykuhl

Lunch, Day 2: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 7.5-0.5

New Zealand finally get on the board, and how. When Ahmed Shehzad went under the first bouncer from Anderson he left his periscope up. At that point it was enevitible that there was another bouncer coming his way. He was clearly aware of it. Shehzad made his mind up that he would hook the next one.

But while the idea might have been a sensible one, the execution let him down. The ball crashed into the gap between the visor and the grill, fracturing Shehzad's skull and causing him to drop his bat onto the stumps. It was a dismissal for the highlights reel, but also a reminder that cricket is still a dangerous sport and a cricket ball is still a missile that can do some real damage. - Myluhl

Stumps, Day 2: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 10.5-1.5

Pakistan win another session and another day. Their batsmen have been very impressive, now it's time for their bowlers to show what they have. - Mykuhl

Middle drinks, Day 3: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 13-2

A good hour for New Zealand, spoiled by losing Anderson. The Anderson - Latham combination took to the bowlers, attempting to hit them off their line and length. It was effective too, with the Pakistani bowlers looking a lot less composed than they had previously. But then Anderson chopped an average delivery from Rahat Ali onto his stumps, and the gate started to swing open again. - Mykuhl

Lunch, Day 4: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 17-3

More misery for New Zealand. Younus Khan is looking imperious. - Mykuhl

Tea, Day 4: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 18-4

A bold start by McCullum and Latham. But there are still 4 and a half sessions left. It will take a lot more good batting to see New Zealand home. - Mykuhl

Tea, Day 4: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 19-4

And in the space of 3 and a half over all hope is extinguished. This is now a case of when and not if. - Mykuhl

First drinks, Day 5: Pakistan lead the mini-session count 20-6

There's not much more fun in cricket than watching a tail-end partnership. Boult and Sodhi are playing some enterprising cricket, much to the frustration of the Pakistani players. There's no suggestion that it will last the whole day, and the new ball will be available before lunch, but it's fun while it lasts. - Mykuhl

Lunch, Day 5: Pakistan win the mini-session count 20-6

Pakistan take a deserved victory. They have followed the same pattern that they used against Australia, bat long and slow, then take advantage of tired batsmen. Good attritional test cricket. Sodhi and Latham are the two real positives for New Zealand in an otherwise disappointing outing. - Mykuhl

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